Saturday, October 23 | 5:30 PM | Approx. 77 mins, followed by Q&A

Salvage (10:24) Documentary | Michigan Premiere
Salvage is a short film about aesthetics, inequality, and the consequences of taste.
Directed by Christopher Boulton | https://filmfreeway.com/DocBoulton | @DocBoulton

The Hole in the Sky (03:29) Animation | Michigan Premiere
Somewhere up there is the hole in the sky.
Directed by John Akre | www.johnakre.com | @johnmakre

PROJECTIONS: A Covid-Inspired Tale in 11 Parts (10:59) Made in Michigan | Michigan Premiere | Filmmaker in Attendance
A collection of multi-media interactions with projected video addressing various aspects of the pandemic including isolation, substance abuse, self-esteem, dental hygiene, factory farming, evil and the military-industrial complex.
Directed by Michael Pfaendtner

The King of Rock ‘N Roll (05:59) Fiction | Michigan Premiere
A struggling Elvis impersonator tries to overcome loneliness through his computer screen.
Directed by Louis Cedrone | jalopyfilm.com

Burnt (04:59) Made in Michigan
After a mission goes wrong, two agents seek help from an underground Doctor and receive more than they expected.
Directed by Colton Fromhart | @outforlunchfilms

Replica (10:52) Made in Michigan | Filmmaker in Attendance
A young woman attends a party under false pretenses that goes from bizarre to sinister.
Directed by Christopher Jarvis | https://www.christopherjarvis.net | @tangleformations

The Quiet (10:00) Animation | Michigan Premiere
Silence is the most beautiful thing that exists in the universe.
Directed by Radheya Jegatheva | https://www.radheya.net | @radheya_j

White Horse (07:00) Animation | Michigan Premiere
They say an accordion could never talk to a white horse.
Directed by Yujie Xu

The Coincidental Killing of a Cat by an Unworldly Tune (02:34) Animation | Michigan Premiere
A cat wanders into a house where a mysterious musician plays a song that no mortal can bear to hear.
Directed by Maya Kurdoglu | thecoincidentalkilling.com | @zeykece @redundant_and_unnecessary

Out of Tune (09:37) Fiction | Michigan Premiere
In an advanced society that worships a musical chord, a maintenance worker who tunes sonic shrines is thwarted by teen vandals. Built from the sound up, Out of Tune is a synesthetic meditation on tradition and iconoclasm, technological advancement amidst societal decline, and the nature of work.
Directed by Aaron With | aaronwith.com | https://www.facebook.com/OutOfTuneFilm