Saturday, October 23 | 12:30 PM | Approx. 80 mins, followed by Q&A

The Sinkhole (15:36) Made in Michigan
The Sinkhole tells the story of an Iraqi grandfather’s disappearance into immigration detention and the simultaneous emergence of a sinkhole in the suburbs of Detroit.
Directed by Danya Abt | danyaabt.com | @abtitude

Mother’s Song (02:30) Animation | Michigan Premiere
On the night of full moon Zelma discovers blood on her sheets and calls for help. Her mother and three Mythology Sirens rush in and educate her on how to be a woman.
Directed by Signe Baumane | https://www.myloveaffairwithmarriagemovie.com | https://www.facebook.com/MyLoveAffairWithMarriage

Gone (12:49) Fiction
A bickering family on a road trip stops at a gas station. Murielle, the mother, insists on having the car washed.
Directed by Joan Bentosela | https://vimeo.com/joanbentosela

Atlas of the Cosmos (04:25) Documentary | Michigan Premiere
Atlas of the Cosmos is a short documentary about my brother, who lives with down syndrome.
Directed by Moses Kaufmann | https://moseskaufmann.myportfolio.com | @percbuddy

Umbilical (07:00) Animation
An animated documentary exploring how my mother’s abusive relationship shaped my own experiences in boarding school.
Directed by Danski Tang | danskitang.com | @ransdi

Miss You (10:26) Documentary | Michigan Premiere | Filmmaker in Attendance
Miss You explores loss, memory and love through archival home movies and a decade’s worth of answering machine messages saved by the filmmaker’s mother. This film asks: What happens if we don’t let go of the past, and what does it mean to remember?
Directed by Ellie Lobovits | ellielobovits.com | @ellielobovits

Queen of the Sea (03:11) Animation | Michigan Premiere | Filmmaker in Attendance
Saddened by the Mermaid Queen’s rejection, the reverse mermaid swims off and finds an old sea witch with a promise she can’t turn down.
Dedicated to my older sister, Melody Miller.
Directed by Selena Chea Miller | https://www.selenacheamiller.com | @selemiller_art

Herselves (08:58) Documentary
Who were our mothers before they became our mothers? This is the question behind Kristy Choi’s experimental documentary film “Herselves,” which explores both who Choi’s mother was and who she could have been.
Directed by Kristy Choi | https://www.newyorker.com/culture/the-new-yorker-documentary/herselves-makes-motherhood-a-work-of-art

Playground (14:16) Fiction | Michigan Premiere
A pandemic outbreak forces a teenage boy to clear out all the guests of his mother’s motel, but something seems to have stayed behind…
Directed by Lin Tu