8:00PM Shorts Block 2022

Approx. 72 mins, followed by Q&A

Bistro Girls (04:40) Michigan Premiere
In a potpourri of sparkles, musical numbers and documentary interview, Bistro Girls uses animation to explore the inescapable passion that drives artists, no matter their walk of life.
Directed by Jenna Marks

Poise (07:20) Michigan Premiere
Lying on the bed of a small room, a man is in a stalemate, unable to decide. Time is suspended. Between cycles of analysis and broken sequences, the possibility of mistake.
Directed by Luís SoaresVimeo

A Guitar in the Bucket (14:51) Michigan Premiere
A story of a world where you can rent everything from huge vending machines.
Directed by Boyoung Kim • Film Freeway

Don’t Smoke Pot (01:33) Filmmaker in Attendance
Loner Bobby gets picked on by the cool kids and they tempt him to smoke pot. Will Bobby’s little secret help him resist?
Directed by Jerry White Jr. • 30MOM.COM

The Fourth Wall (09:50)
Home and family, relationships, desires, wishes and everything are summarized in a kitchen. The stuttering boy is alone there, playing with his imagination.
Directed by Mahboobeh Kalaee • www.mahboobehkalaee.com

Seeds (12:00) Michigan Premiere
Without parents to guide them, Loretta and Raven reflect on the love their parents modeled and the grief of their loss. While one finds catharsis in their mother’s old VHS camera the other struggles with a potential pregnancy.
Directed by Morningstar Angeline, Ajuawak Kapashesit • www.morningstarangeline.com

30MOM Goes to Wayne’s World (03:03) Filmmakers in Attendance
Jerry & Joe check out a fictional public access TV show movie for their actual factual public access TV show.
Directed by Jerry White Jr. & Joe Hornacek30MOM.COM

I Will Always Love You (03:27) Michigan Premiere
The artist tells the story of how love changes for worse or for better using sculptures made from scrap materials collected for over 25 years.
Directed by Lydia Ricci • www.fromscraps.com

Hubbards (04:48)
An intense dive into the world of one man and his quest.
Directed by Kevin Ralston • www.kevinralston.com

Mister Rogers the Clown (0:38) Filmmaker in Attendance
Mister Rogers wants to show you something. From 30 Minutes Of Madness Episode 14, originally aired in 2008 on Public Access Television.
Edited by Jerry White Jr. • 30MOM.COM

Before the stars were born (08:52) Filmmaker in Attendance | Michigan Premiere
“Before the stars were born” is my life story retold through an array of personal symbols and broader cultural references that intertwine to create multiple potential narratives. Set in the awkward hinterlands between humor and hyperbole, it is an effort to capture experiences in which linear understandings of time and meaning start to crumble.
Directed by Lolo Katz Nosanchuk