5:30PM Shorts Block 2022

Approx. 66 mins, followed by Q&A

Andy Menko Lip-syncs the Greatest Hits of Billy Ocean (02:34) Filmmaker in Attendance
Andy Menko expresses himself. From 30 Minutes Of Madness Episode 14, originally aired in 2008 on Public Access Television.
Directed by Jerry White Jr.30MOM.COM

Phone Gal (03:17) Filmmaker in Attendance | Michigan Premiere
This modern retelling of “The Little Match Girl” is a cautionary tale about addiction and losing oneself.
Directed by Laura Lewis-Barr • www.lauralewisbarrfilms.com

Tickets Please (04:41) Filmmaker in Attendance
An unemployed carny visits the ruins of the carnival where he used to work and muses over a bygone era.
Directed by Jerry White Jr. • 30MOM.COM

Reduction (11:00) Michigan Premiere
Two girls live together along the post-apocalyptic coast, both sharing the same goal of reaching the other side in hopes of a better life. However, when a mysterious character enters the life of one, a chain of irreversible events begins. Relationships fall apart along with the very world around them.
Directed by Réka Anna Szakály • www.szakalyrekaanna.com

Second Gen (07:00) Filmmaker in Attendance | Michigan Premiere
The end is actually her new virtual beginning.
Directed by Mike Madiganwww.fivecloverfilms.net

The Body is a House of Familiar Rooms (10:00) Michigan Premiere
An intimate magical-realist documentary combining paintings with live action footage to show a man’s experience living with a painful chronic illness called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
Directed by Eloise Sherrid, Lauryn Welch • www.eloisesherrid.com

If These Walls Could Walk (10:45) Filmmaker in Attendance
A man finds himself in an inescapable room where an animalistic wall closes in on him.
Directed by Shane R. Hillier • FB Page

Kin (16:47) Michigan Premiere
Three disaffected youths lead aimless lives in rural Oregon, culminating in a desperate act of violence.
Directed by Mila Zuo • www.milazuo.com