Saturday, October 23 | 8:00 PM | Approx. 80 mins, followed by Q&A

Domicide (15:57) Fiction | Michigan Premiere
Molly and Pete are fractured. A weekend away could be the cure-all they’re after.
Directed by Lucy Velik | www.onryeproductions.com | @onryeproduction

Lairs (01:36) Animation | Michigan Premiere
Lairs, layers, liars: In this poetry film, hatred insidiously supplants a couple’s love.
Directed by Emma Penaz Eisner | https://vimeo.com/penazeisnerfilm | @penazeisnerfilm

Father Mary (07:21) Fiction | Michigan Premiere
A priest has a meeting with someone from her past that really ruins her day.
Directed by Sarey Martin | secretartproject.com | @doctormonalisa

Nevermind! (14:07) Fiction | Michigan Premiere
Ms. Schmidt-Kornsand and Mr. Berg like each other. Right?
Directed by Clara Jäschke, Daria Pantyukhova | @clarajaeschke | @itsdariapa

Yellow Bird (03:24) Made in Michigan | Michigan Premiere
Two friends spend the day at a park.
Directed by Emma Fergusson

Birdsong (10:38) Documentary | Michigan Premiere | Filmmaker in Attendance
Motherpigeon and Jason Trachtenburg, formerly of the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, stand up for bohemia and New York City’s birds.
Directed by Paul Szynol | https://www.itchydogfilms.com

Noah’s Song (02:57) Animation | Michigan Premiere
Noah’s Song is an animation about a transgender man coming out to his partner.
Directed by Damian Bonito Zapien

Beats (07:19) Fiction | Michigan Premiere
Newly engaged again, Steph gives her life’s blood to live the happily-ever-after that everyone around her appears to be enjoying.
Directed by Sara Lattis | https://www.saralattis.com/beats-film | @beatsthefilm | @sara.lattis

Wendy/Gigi (13:45) Fiction | Michigan Premiere
All first days are shit. Join Wendy as she undergoes a seismic transformation in this wacky ensemble comedy directed by a former Dominatrix.
Directed by Anthony Misiano | schadenfrau.com | @the.instigatrix | @howdyanthony

The Falling Lovers (1:46) Animation | Michigan Premiere
Two lovers are falling from the sky. They keep asking each other for things so they will have some buffers and won’t die when they hit the floor.
Directed by Chen-Yi Wu | https://chenyiwu1993.weebly.com | @chenyiwu_film