12:30PM Shorts Block 2022

Approx. 67 mins, followed by Q&A

Elevator Alone (03:38) Michigan Premiere
Four people and the time they spend in an elevator.
Directed by Anastasia Papadopoulouwww.anastasiapapadopoulou.com

Uncle Dave (01:35) Filmmaker in Attendance
Uncle Dave drops by for an unexpected visit. From 30 Minutes Of Madness Episode 4, originally aired in 1992 on Oakland County Public Access Television.
Directed by Jerry White Jr.30MOM.COM

Pimento! (05:50) Filmmaker in Attendance
Pimento! Follows a tiny goblin’s misadventures as she’s sent out on a special errand: stealing from the sprawling human-populated metropolis Ballyhoo! Only time will tell if she’s enough of a monster to commit heinous crimes—or if her moral compass will stand in her way!
Directed by Caleb Carl Nelsonwww.instagram.com/pimentoshort

Monster In A Box (09:16) Michigan Premiere
He did it for the role.
Directed by Noah Weiselwww.thomasfarmfilms.com

Sleeping Bear (06:29) Filmmaker in Attendance
A mother bear and her two cubs escape one threat, only to be thrown into another. This retelling of an Odawa legend shows the love a mother has for her babies, at any cost.
Directed by Johanna Oswaldwww.sleepingbearlegend.com

Say Again? (04:51) Michigan Premiere
A micro short comedy where gestures during a COVID-19 masked conversation get a bit out of hand.
Directed by Kelley BellIMDb

Vodník Many Years After the Rainstorm (05:58) Michigan Premiere
In San Francisco, many years after his hideous crimes, the fiendish water creature Vodník emerges from Czech folklore to recount his beguiling tale.
Directed by Emma Penaz EisnerFilm Freeway

Creatures in My House (09:59) Michigan Premiere
This quirky and tactile household is full of frenetic energy set off by the morning alarm. We discover what the ruckus brewing in the kitchen is really about.
Directed by Ilena Finocchiwww.ilenaf.com

Waiting for Spring (9:59)
A woman wakes up in a colorful world full of nature. Is it as perfect as it appears to be?
Directed by Georgie GentileVimeo

PCP Robot (08:38) Filmmaker in Attendance
PCP ROBOT function axBø/feeda9dn#@%. From 30 Minutes Of Madness Episode 12, originally aired in 1996 on Oakland County Public Access Television.
Directed by Joe Hornacek30MOM.COM