3:00PM Shorts Block 2022

Approx. 70 mins, followed by Q&A

The Wind That Held Us Here (06:25) Filmmaker in Attendance
The Wind That Held Us Here uses images and sound captured at Point Pelee National Park, as well as poetic text, to explore the concept of transmigration.
Directed by Jack Croninwww.jack-cronin.com

Recording for Dodie (09:16)
A Filipino-American daughter digitally records and visually captures the experience of being physically distanced from her sick father, who has been isolated in his nursing facility during the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic.
Directed by Frances Rubio • worldchannel.org

Blink in the Desert (10:34) Michigan Premiere
Malice comes up abruptly. As if it is blinking. Capricious like a flapping insect. One day a young hermit finds a winged insect and crushes it out of disgust. Meanwhile, the elephant sees the whole situation but says nothing. From that day on, the boy is chased by shadows of the winged insects.
Directed by Shinobu Soejimawww.shinobusoejima.com

Window 13 (04:31) Filmmaker in Attendance
A chicago street performer pays a visit to the Detroit suburbs. He encounters two teenage girls and has an Icarus experience. From 30 Minutes Of Madness Episode 12, originally aired in 1996 on Oakland County Public Access Television.
Directed by Jerry White Jr. • 30MOM.COM

My Grandmother Is an Egg (08:07) Michigan Premiere
The fragility and resilience of the director’s grandmother who faced oppression from unjust Confucian traditions in Asia. The film reflects upon women’s oppression and struggle for freedom.
Directed by Wu-Ching Chang • www.wuchingchang.com

Ogygia (11:21) Michigan Premiere
It is not a story about the sea, it is a way to “feel” the sea.
Directed by Dimitris Giouzepaswww.giouzepasphoto.com

Where the Winds Die (12:54) Michigan Premiere
A doc-ani about Sardasht, a Kurdish city in West of Iran. Sardasht is the first city in the world to be victim of chemical weapons with mustered gas bombs.
Directed by Pejman Alipour

Megalomania (06:30)
Won-ju attempted an extreme choice and was hospitalized. She reads her childhood diary in the hospital room and is drawn into the world of delusion. She encounters a rusty and hardened sadness there.
Directed by Eunseo Kim • Vimeo