Documentary Program 2019

VTFF2019 Documentary Program
Saturday, June 29 | 3:00 PM | 80 minutes

Gloria's Call Still
Gloria’s Call (16:46, USA)
From the cafés of Paris to the mountaintops of Samiland, a scholar’s life is forever changed through her friendships with the women artists of Surrealism.
Directed by Cheri Gaulke (website), (facebook)

Neither Here Nor There Still
Neither Here Nor There (06:14, USA) Michigan Premiere | Filmmaker in Attendance
A documentary discussing gender identity that tackles the question “how do you know if you’re a boy or a girl?”
Directed by Jude Kawwa, Produced by Xixi Zhu (website), @nthnt_doc

Tightly Wound Still
Tightly Wound (10:11, CL) Michigan Premiere
A woman recounts her experience living with chronic pelvic pain – how health professionals have failed her, men have rejected her, and shame, anger, and hatred have plagued her body.
Directed by Shelby Hadden (website)

Into My Life Still
Into My Life (15:11, USA) Michigan Premiere
Growing up in the largest affordable housing cooperative in Brooklyn, Cassandra’s world was artfully framed by her mother’s Super-8 camera. Today, still living in the same place, Cassandra examines and edits these remarkable films, gaining insight into the challenges her mother faced as a creative black woman and the importance of her vision.
Directed by Sarah Keeling, Grace Remington, Ivana Hucikova (website), @intomylifemovie, @cassbromfield, @grace.clicquot, @huncutikova, @s_keeling, @uniondocs

Betty Feeds the Animals Still
Betty Feeds The Animals (09:00, USA) Michigan Premiere
Betty loves animals, she loves them so much that everyday she puts 30 bowls of food outside of her house to feed them. She feeds skunks, raccoons, cats, foxes and the occasional possum. This is her story.
Directed by James P. Gannon (website), @jpgannon

YURT Still
YURT (11:35, RUS) Michigan Premiere
While waiting for winter, the family is provisioned for the great Siberian cold that is coming.
Directed by Iván Perinango (website), @tristonete

LARP Still
LARP: A Love Story (10:30, USA) Michigan Premiere | Filmmaker in Attendance
An epically romantic and tragic courtship between two characters in a Live Action Role Play and its impact on their creators, in real life.
Directed by Summre Garber (facebook)