Made in Michigan Program 2019

VTFF2019 Made in Michigan Program
Saturday, June 29 | 12:30 PM | 88 minutes

Fuck You, Steve Still
Fuck You, Steve (08:38) Filmmaker in Attendance
Gail and her gang of friends (aka The Slasher Sisters) seek revenge on the boy who broke her little heart.
Directed by Nicholas Hartman, @chapel0fghouls

Astro Zombies Still
Astro Zombies (10:00) Filmmaker in Attendance
Two struggling filmmakers steal a song from their favorite punk band to use in their debut feature “Astro Zombies.” Things go beautifully awry.
Directed by Jake O’Brien (website)

Bloon on the Lens Still
Blood on the Lens (16:00) Michigan Premiere | Filmmaker in Attendance
Gloria wants to make the greatest horror movie ever made. Even if it kills her…
Directed by Nic White (website), @CinemaSlice

Circle & Sun Still
Circle & Sun (01:04) Michigan Premiere | Filmmaker in Attendance
Single glowing shape drops, duplicates, and disappears on a loop. Inspired by cell reproduction and destruction.
Directed by Giuliana Cascardo (website)

Good Grief Still
Good Grief (11:33) Filmmaker in Attendance
A brokenhearted man goes through the 5 stages of grief in one whirlwind night after breaking up with his girlfriend…with the help of an unexpected “friend.”
Directed by Toni Cunningham (website)

Motorcoach Still
Motorcoach (07:01)
Twins compete for dominance but reunite for a pilgrimage to their family bus for a truce.
Directed by Jake Weber, Heather Irvine (website), @wsfpofficial

Dirty Dog Still
“Dirty Dog” (16:42) Michigan Premiere
A man uses Motown era song references to tell the story of how he meets and romances a girl during a dance.
Directed by Darius Gardner, @_bydarius

The Rougaroux Still
The Rougaroux (2:10) Filmmaker in Attendance
Take a midnight drive down a haunted highway to discover a southern werewolf: a rougaroux. Weaving Detroit, New Orleans, and dreamscape imagery, The Rougaroux constructs a fantastically twisted world where reality is in flux and fused with southern myth.
Directed by Ana Vincent (website)

Eugene Still
Eugene (14:04) Michigan Premiere | Filmmakers in Attendance
A man searches for connection and acceptance on the streets and trails of a cold town. It’s going much better for his dog.
Directed by Alan LaFave, Don Hessell (website)