Animation Program 2017

VTFF2017 Animation Program
5:00 PM | 90 minutes | Rating: NR

Mostly Useless.
Mostly Useless. (5:48, USA) Directed by Connor O’Rourke
Separated they are useless. United they are, well, still pretty useless.

Au Revoir Balthazar
Au Revoir Balthazar (9:36, Switzerland) Directed by Rafael Sommerhalder (website)
A scarecrow, a storm, a broken leg. The resonant sound of a sea shell. Leaving forever.

Tough (4:49, UK) Directed by Jennifer Zheng (website)
New light is shed on childhood cultural misunderstandings when a Chinese mother and her British born daughter speak as adults for the first time.

Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang (5:59, USA) Directed by Jing Yuan Huang (instagram)
A story between a boy and a girl ghost who lives under the water.

Trumpet Man
Trumpet Man (13:50, Hong Kong) Directed by Emily Wong (website)
A turntable springs out a woman named Avocado, out of Avocado’s instinct creates a man called Soul. A sudden passion joins and swings them in a trumpet mood. An uncertainty madness strikes Soul heavily. Seed of passion continue to breed conflict amongst five men without control, which eventually leads Soul to the fact of life.

Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon
Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon (3:32, Germany) Directed by Tomer Eshed (website)
The feeding habits of the common cameleon as never seen before.

The Moon is Essentially Gray
The Moon is Essentially Gray (4:30, USA) Directed by Hannah Roman (website)
A young child, her makeshift rocket, and her fantastic flight to the moon.

The Pine Tree Villa
The Pine Tree Villa (12:58, Germany) Directed by Jan Koester (website)
Lion and Bird break into an uninhabited villa to find out about the reason why it is not aging. Immediately they feel the power that keeps the villa alive.

Panic Attack!
Panic Attack! (3:20, USA) Directed by Eileen O’Meara (website)
This hand-drawn short explores anxiety, obsession, and one woman’s slippery hold on reality.

Evocation of a Nightmare
Evocation of a Nightmare (1:20, USA) Directed by Wally Chung (website)
Entering what seems to be a deserted building, a man explores and finds an unwanted guest.

Call of Cuteness
Call of Cuteness (04:00 Germany) Directed by Brenda Lien (website)
Whilst we remain safe and sound, watching the highest grossing cat fail compilation, all that is kept out of sight gets back to us in this consumerist nightmare.

The Bridge Over The River
The Bridge Over The River (5:45, Switzerland) Directed by Jadwiga Kowalska (website)
A man on a bridge, separated from the love of his life. Wanting to be with her one last time, he decides to go and seek her in the hereafter.

Hold Me (Ca Caw Ca Caw)
Hold Me (Ca Caw Ca Caw) (11:14 USA) Directed by Renee Zhan (website)
A large bird and a small boy cohabit in an unhappy relationship, trapped by four walls and a mutual codependence. An un-eggs-pected new arrival cracks the delicate balance of their relationship.