Fiction Program 2017

VTFF2017 Fiction Program
8:00 PM | 100 minutes | Rating: NR

Restricted Vision
Restricted Vision (14:36, UK) Directed by Jonny Cola & Jez Leather (website)
On a surreal road trip, charged with poetry, a former glam rocker becomes increasingly uneasy about the motives of his mysterious companion.

OK, Call Me Back
Ok, Call Me Back (4:47, USA) Directed by Emily Ann Hoffman (website)
Craving companionship, a woman leaves a voicemail late at night.

Freeze (15:00, Singapore) Directed by Nelicia Low (website)
When her husband cannot give her the love she desires, the lonely and insecure Hui will do anything to feel loved.

Aftermath (10:15, Germany) Directed by Ralf Beyerle (facebook)
When you wake up in a strange bed the morning after a party, you find that it’s often the small things that raise the questions of greatest importance. A film about the time between yesterday and today.

Chronicles of my Silence
Chronicles of my Silence (8:48, Brazil) Directed by Beatriz Pessoa
Histories and silences that recognize each other.

Lost Dogs
Lost Dogs (15:00, USA) Directed by Cullan Bruce (website)
A woman ridiculed by her family longs to escape. Striking a deal with her brother to clear his illegal debt, she delves deeper into darkness.

Food First
Food First (10:52, Germany) Directed by Pol Ponsarnau (website)
Food first, then morals! A comedy about two couples in a stylish Berlin Tapas restaurant. Tension grows with each dish. All seems lost when the question “who waters your plants?” comes on the table.

Cake (9:22, USA) Directed by Anne Hu (website)
Eliza, a bisexual woman, tries to explore her sexuality within her marriage with her husband Thomas by surprise ordering a seemingly human female sex robot. But the sex robot is not the cure-all she had hoped for. Be careful what you wish for.

GODDAMMIT (8:00, USA) Directed by Ryan Moser (website)
Glare from the setting Sun prompts three travelers to consider their place within the Universe. GODDAMMIT is a film that can best be described as “Carl Sagan meets Timothy Leary.”