Fiction Program 2019

VTFF2019 Fiction Program
Saturday, June 29 | 8:00 PM | 103 minutes

A Dog's Story Still
A Dog’s Story (07:35, USA) Michigan Premiere
An old dog contemplates his bleak future after being laid off from his security job.
Directed by Jill D’Agnenica (website), @jillydag

In Full Bloom Still
In Full Bloom (10:40, USA) Michigan Premiere
In Full Bloom tells the story of Cecile, an older Vietnamese hoarder, whose life is upended when worms open a black hole in her house and threaten to take all her stuff.
Directed by Maegan Houang (website), @houangm

Cult Film Still
Cult Film (13:35, UK) Michigan Premiere
A lonely bachelor finds solace in an extra-terrestrial cult.
Directed by Alastair Cummings (website), @bigriverfilms

Red Light Green Light Still
Red Light Green Light (07:26, USA) Michigan Premiere
Two young women are sequestered in an underground bunker, waiting for a window of release. Maggie is desperate to connect to the outside world, whereas Dawn has settled into a grim domesticity. When opportunity for escape presents itself, conflict ensues and their partnership is tested.
Directed by Maegan Houang (website) & Grace Kredell (website), @houangm @athenapronoia

Long Lonely Nights Still
Long Lonely Nights (10:47, DE) Michigan Premiere
To enable a better life for herself and her family, a young Russian woman disappears into one of Germany’s biggest red-light districts.
Directed by Clara Jäschke

Blue Still
Blue (14:20, USA) Michigan Premiere
A nameless girl spends her nights talking to strangers on her webcam.
Directed by Samantha Severin (website), @sssaaaaammm

Rude Boys Still
Rude Boys (09:08, DE) Michigan Premiere
Adam is a total slacker but for some reason he wants to take part in a triathlon. Murat is supposed to give him a ride but then the day does not exactly go as planned.. A short live action comedy with animated scenes.
Directed by Ken Hagen-Takenaka (website)

SCOOT (01:04, USA) Michigan Premiere | Filmmaker in Attendance
A woman has 5 minutes before something terrible happens, but how will she get there in time to stop it?
Directed by Elaine Strutz, Tim Young (website)

Pozole Still
Pozole (10:06, USA) Michigan Premiere
The Gringa killed Nana.
Directed by Jessica Mendez Siqueiros (website)

Sports Day Still
Sports Day (10:54, CN) Michigan Premiere
A teenage girl is confronted with her inner demon when forced to lose her virginity on school’s sports day.
Directed by Lin Tu

Lexical Gap Still
Lexical Gap (08:10, USA) Michigan Premiere
Lexical Gap is a wild lady punk musical about redefining virginity. Purity is a myth!
Directed by Yoko Okumura (website), @suzuprod @fouryoko @noxonator