Musicians 2022

Curated by the Seraphine Collective


11:00PM Maya Mereaux | @mayamereaux

Maya Mereaux is known for her conscious free spirited lyrics. Captivating you mentally, feeding you body and mind while making it all sound so effortless and sweet. Sharing her pain, passion, and experiences she lets you know what it’s like being a free spirit in a caged world. Hoping to capture your minds and win your hearts Maya Mereaux shares her celestial sounds while spreading positive frequencies to you and yours.

10:00PM Sophiyah E. | Links

Born and raised in Detroit, MI Sophiyah Elizabeth draws inspiration from the desire to raise awareness surrounding liberation and spiritual reverence. Through community advocacy and musical production, the producer/songwriter/singer connects various mediums using frequencies of sound, visualizations and meditative practices. Sophiyah’s love affair with piano and technology intertwines story-telling and ancestral influence amongst digital and analog textures! Elements of Toni Morrison, Sade, Idris Muhammad, Erykah Badu and Yusef Dayes, to name some, have influenced this electric-soul fused vibration. Through dreamy sound scapes and an earthy warmth she conveys messages of truth, peace and empowerment she hopes will uplift others.

7:30PM Mixtape Mixer

Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival is partnering with Seraphine Collective to bring music creators together with filmmakers for a digital mixtape event. Featured artists are invited to attend the Mixtape Mixer on Saturday, August 20th to hang with filmmakers as tracks are played live along with information about the artist.

4:30PM Cameron Harris

I rap about the world I live in and I use my lyricism to introduce you to it.

2:30PM Russell Woods | @russellwoodstechnologies

Russell Woods is a musician and artist from Detroit, currently residing in the Flint area. His artistic style is characterized by use of heavy lines, pointillism, and landscapes. Russell’s primary formats are postal stickers and small canvases. His scenes are based on memories of where he’s lived: Michigan’s Lower Peninsula and the Shennandoah Valley.