Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival 2019 Wrap-Up

Jerry White Jr. VTFF 2019Our fest focuses on unconventional storytelling in film + music + art, with each year organically developing its own vibe and emergent themes. I’m excited to check out the music Seraphine Collective has curated and see the artists Alana has gathered for this year’s exhibition. I’m extremely proud of our short film lineup and thrilled that we’re screening two features this year—plus we have so many premieres! All told, there are forty-four films screening and thirty of them are being shown in Michigan for the first time!! That includes our fiction program which is entirely comprised of Michigan premieres. We also have the most out-of-state visitors coming in this year, including programmers, filmmakers, film-lovers, and friends of the fest!

Thank you for sharing both this experience and this space with us. Watching films, listening to music, and engaging with art in real-life 3D meatspace is meaningful and powerful. A live event is a special thing—ephemeral and utterly unique, requiring us to leave cozy couches and beckoning beds, braving roads and the elements to show up and stick around. This is how relationships are forged and maintained, and it’s how communities come together and grow.

Vidlings & Tapeheads is a labor of love and I’m thankful for everyone who helps or hangs out: I couldn’t do it without you—and I wouldn’t want to do it without you.
—Jerry White Jr. | Festival Director

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John Monaghan, “Vidlings & Tapeheads Fest, Now in its 3rd Year, Brings Together Film, Art and Local Bands” The Detroit Free Press (Article), June 27th, 2019

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Special thanks to Kaitlyn Valor Bourque, Alexandra Clark, Seraphine Collective, Clara Fang, Selam Ghirmai, John Grossi, Kino Lorber, Tina Louise, Lynn McNamara, Darren Shelton, Emily Vastbinder, Cindy White, Jerry White Sr., all of our Partners, Sponsors, Coordinators, Programmers, Jurors, & Volunteers!!

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