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VTFF2019 Artists
Sean Parker + Alice Schneider + Soren Soto + Julia Stephenson + Emily Vastbinder + Ana Vincent

Sean Parker Detail

Sean Parker

Sean Parker is a 26 year old illustrator from Westland, MI. He specializes in character design, though his illustrations range from sleek portraiture to macabre, surrealistic scenes. His influences include Tim Burton, Dr. Suess, and Guillermo del Toro.

Alice Schneider Detail

Alice Schneider

Alice Victoria Schneider is a Detroit-based visual artist whose work is a combination of sculpture, painting, printmaking and filmmaking. She focuses on movement as a theme, highlighting motion, form, and speed with effects of still-life painting in mind. Schneider is intrigued by the concept of “film as painting”. When making her filmed paintings, she set the stage with artworks that she has created, allowing the more traditional art seeker to have something tangible. For “Vidlings & Tapeheads art show” I have prepared two figure studies, one in charcoal and one in ink.
Tumblr, DetroitPetPortraits, Vimeo, Twitter, @MoraBid, @DetroitPetPortraits

Soren Soto Detail

Soren Soto

Soren Soto is a fine artist and musician whose work has been exhibited and sold in numerous shows around Detroit over the past six years. His artwork often depicts distorted figures in enigmatic emotional states. In 2018 he held his first solo exhibition “Distortions” which focused on anxiety and its ability to manipulate our perceptions. He is currently working on his first music album and a new series of paintings., @Sorensoto

Julia Stephenson Detail

Julia Stephenson VTFF2019 Key Artist

Julia Stephenson is a fine artist who has a penchant for sign-making, and delights in designing words alongside evocative illustrations. She is from the Detroit area, but now lives in Los Angeles with her cat, Lisa Left Eye Lopaws, surrounded by friends and paint. She loves burritos, songwriting, sunshine, and learning., @julialettersthings

Emily Vastbinder Detail

Emily Vastbinder

Emily G. Vastbinder is primarily a painter but often explores other media. She received her BFA from Detroit’s College for Creative Studies. She had solo shows in 2011 & 2019 and has also participated in a number of group shows. She currently lives and works in Metro Detroit., @emilyvastbinder, @e.g.vastbinder, Etsy

Ana Vincent Detail

Ana Vincent

Ana is a local animator and illustrator whose work aims to explore expectations of sensuality when crafted as both dangerous and strange.  Her oddities pose questions about creator significance in relation to consuming the female image and ideas surrounding the (queer) gaze., @artbeeanavee

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