Made in Michigan Program 2018

VTFF2018 Made in Michigan Program Web
Saturday, July 28 | 12:30 PM | 89 minutes | Rating: NR

The Sampler (3:32) Directed by Emily Biernott (website)
A feeble butcher’s assistant gets revenge on a disgruntled customer.

Famous in Michigan (17:45) Directed by Nick Rasmussen (facebook)
An aging painter has one last art show to try and make it big before it’s too late.

Community Patrol (13:01) Directed by Andrew James (website)
A Detroit minister rallies the community to shut down a drug house in an inspiring display of collective action.

Healing Venom (1:33) Directed by Giuliana Cascardo (website)
An animated interview with Alicia Gbur; a Michigan photographer, musician, and beekeeper.

Bitter Symmetry (8:27) Directed by Margarita Grishina (website)
A desperate wife attempts to evoke the emotions of her distant husband by bombarding him with terrible news.

IT’S DAVE (7:58) Directed by Benjamin Armes
Jim’s normal life deteriorates into a nightmare that he has no control of. Literally.

The Likes and Dislikes of Marj Bagley (14:00) Directed by Taylor Stanton (facebook)
A family recreates itself using stop-motion animation. The film tells the lifelong struggle of Marj, the matriarch of the Bagley clan, to find happiness.

Small Arms (22:20) Directed by Arman Cole (website)
A bullied college student in Northern Michigan pursues shooting lessons with an ex-militia member in an effort to prove his manhood.