Fiction Program 2018

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Saturday, July 28 | 5:15 PM | 89 minutes | Rating: NR

BLACKBIRD (5:37, UK) Directed by Daniela Pasquini (website)
Ever jumped through hoops for what you thought was the perfect job? A Playfully Absurd take on the Post-Grad Employment Crisis: Temping.

The Duel (5:07, USA) Directed by Amanda Barnes & David Speck
Two grizzled gunfighters meet for a duel in the Old West.

Juan Gabriel is Dead (14:49, Mexico) Directed by Tavo Ruiz (facebook)
On the day famous mexican singer JUAN GABRIEL dies, best friends Beto and Daniel will redefine their friendship.

GET ACTION (7:45, USA) Directed by Elaine Strutz (website)
A woman’s attempt to cheer up her grieving friend goes wrong when she drags her out onto the unpredictable streets of Brooklyn.

Frank Embree (7:35, USA) Directed by Skinner Myers (website)
Frank Embree. 9:55AM. Fayette, Missouri. July 22nd, 1899.

Night (9:30, USA) Directed by Joosje Duk
When Sue’s cousin Genelva visits her from Suriname, they want to go out to a fancy club with Sue’s two best friends. But after having an unpleasant encounter with the club’s bouncer at the door, the course of their night changes completely.

One in Hundreds (8:57, UK) Directed by Mark Towers (website)
Daisy explains to her brother the many-universe interpretation of quantum physics, and he thinks it’s utterly ridiculous… in quite a lot of them.

My Loyal Audience (12:23, USA) Directed by Megan Seely (website)
A socially insecure teenage girl begins to suspect that her most personal, embarrassing thoughts may not be as private as she had hoped.

Little Wonder (2:46, USA) Directed by Jojo Carlman (vimeo)
A refreshing take on puppet sexuality and some vague meditation on the loneliness of death.

Apocalypse (14:02, Poland) Directed by Justyna Mytnik
Susie and Maurice live together in a tower block infested with surreal pigeons. A baby pigeon advises them to look into each other’s eyes,or else they will die. The girl believes the bird, but her boyfriend wants to kill it. A dark fairy tale about loneliness.