Animation Program 2018

VTFF2018 Animation Program Web
Saturday, July 28 | 8:00 PM | 102 minutes | Rating: NR

Big Booom (4:00, Russia) Directed by Marat Narimanov (website)
The history of the universe told in just four minutes.

Gravity, Our Frenemy (3:35, USA) Directed by John Akre (website)
Is gravity a force that we should trust, or is it out to get us?

toward hands (6:40, Japan) Directed by Ryoya USUHA (website)
In a vast, simple world, where do they come from, and what are they protecting?

stroke (4:59, USA) Directed by Jiani Zhao/Emanuele Romano
One day in a hospital room, an old man recall his experience of having a stroke in his home.

Railment (9:43, Japan) Directed by Shunsaku Hayashi (website)
In a continuous scenery, his physical movement stays in the same position. The speed of the continuity and his movement have accelerated and gradually cause a distortion.

Meeting MacGuffin (9:58, USA) Directed by Catya Plate (website)
The struggle for water has never been this animated!

Don’t Think of a Pink Elephant (7:20, UK) Directed by Suraya Raja
Layla fights daily against compulsions and urges, until challenged to face her darkest fears.

Maybe It’s Me (6:08, UK) Directed by Dimitris Simou (website)
In Maybe It’s Me an animator tries to recreate his childhood memories.

Pure White (3:00, Germany) Directed by Sven Windszus
An anatomy model awakens in a seemingly perfect world and converses with her creator in an attempt to find answers.

Ascribed Achievements (4:20, Iran) Directed by Samaneh Shojaei
Fate is breakable.

Beth’s three o’clock with Dr. Harlow (2:06, USA) Directed by Emma Penaz Eisner
Beth discloses a recent dream to her analyst. A vivid study of casual brutality and failed empathy, this surrealistic film intermixes stop motion animation with live action sequences.

Nocturne (5:19, Germany) Directed by Anne Breymann (website)
At night the forest creatures gather to gamble, putting their innermost at stake.

My Other Half (3:02, USA) Directed by Chantal Feitosa (website)
Living between the United States and Brazil, a white mother and her biracial daughter share very different views on what it means to shape and preserve identity across family generations.

Agua Viva (6:48, USA) Directed by Alexa Lim Haas
A Chinese manicurist in Miami attempts to describe feelings she doesn’t have the words for.

Airport (10:35, Croatia/Switzerland) Directed by Michaela Müller (website)
In a modern day airport, the flow of passengers is broken by sudden irregularities.

The Burden (14:15, Sweden) Directed by Niki Lindroth von Bahr (website)
An animated musical with apocalyptic undertones.