Made in Michigan Program 2017

VTFF2017 Made in Michigan Program
12:30 PM | 70 minutes | Rating: NR

Evolve, Discover
Evolve, Discover (3:05) Directed by Giuliana Cascardo (website)
A film about the evolution of humans, the desire to reproduce, and the urge to explore the universe further. Inspired by the Voyager robotic probes that were launched in 1977 to explore interstellar space.

Akoma (11:50) Directed by Alex Gasparetto (website)
A post Civil War Era drama surrounding two courageous young women in a fight for love and freedom that could cost them their lives.

Horse Dad
Horse Dad (2:17) Directed by Anna Hudzik
A playful, father-son story about a young horse named Charlie who grows increasingly frustrated by his dad’s his lame jokes.

Conrad (5:00) Directed by Brittany Dunn
Just give a dude a break…again… (website)

Bangmoon The Visitation
방문 bangmoon / the visitation (5:50) Directed by Tae & Niko Bokos (vimeo)
A foreign exchange student from South Korea spends a mandatory Christmas stay with a rowdy Midwestern American family.

Maintenance Man
The Maintenance Man (2:18) Directed by Drew Boggemes
It might be a ghost story. Or it might not be a ghost story.

Living With Dog
Living with Dog (2:01) Directed by Johanna Oswald (website)
A short film about a dog, two cats, and life together.

Lemon Eyes
Lemon Eyes (13:00) Directed by Chelsey Raegen Knapp (facebook)
Detroit, 1928: When disputes in a loveless marriage escalate over clashing values of survival, a young medical student prescribes a solution with questionable side effects.

Goatism (4:31) Directed by Benjamin Armes
This is one real live goat story about a professor, who has an interdimensional flashback after being visited by a ghost of his past…

Raising a Nuisance
Raising a Nuisance (2:16) Directed by LS. Quigley (website)
A 1920s’ silent-era animation about a Necromancer’s failed attempt to raise an army of the undead.

Eye of the Beholder
Eye of the Beholder (11:38) Directed by Tomaki Boaz
Levi, a struggling artist, fights for his sanity when his alter ego suppresses his creativity as he struggles to get over his wife’s passing.

Monk of Milkweed
Monk of Milkweed (3:24) Directed by Harrison Schaeffer (website)
The lonely pink garden. The one-eyed pest. The man made of roots. The woman and her cane.