Vidlings & Tapeheads Encore!

8:00PM Friday, October 22nd 2021

Approx. 80 mins

This is exciting as fuck—join us for a program of amazing short films selected from the first three years of the Vidlings & Tapeheads Festival!! Funny, irreverant, spooky, and bizarre—a perfect vibe for a Friday night in October!

Little Wonder (2:46)
A refreshing take on puppet sexuality and some vague meditation on the loneliness of death.
Directed by Jojo Carlman (website)

IT’S DAVE (7:58)
Jim’s normal life deteriorates into a nightmare that he has no control of. Literally.
Directed by Benjamin Armes

My Loyal Audience (12:23)
A socially insecure teenage girl begins to suspect that her most personal, embarrassing thoughts may not be as private as she had hoped.
Directed by Megan Seely (website)

Cake (9:22)
Eliza, a bisexual woman, tries to explore her sexuality within her marriage with her husband Thomas by surprise ordering a seemingly human female sex robot. But the sex robot is not the cure-all she had hoped for. Be careful what you wish for.
Directed by Anne Hu (website)

LARP Still

LARP: A Love Story (10:30)
An epically romantic and tragic courtship between two characters in a Live Action Role Play and its impact on their creators, in real life.
Directed by Summre Garber (facebook)

Glare from the setting Sun prompts three travelers to consider their place within the Universe. GODDAMMIT is a film that can best be described as “Carl Sagan meets Timothy Leary.”
Directed by Ryan Moser (website)

Nocturne (5:19) At night the forest creatures gather to gamble, putting their innermost at stake.
Directed by Anne Breymann (website)

Sports Day Still

Sports Day (10:54)
A teenage girl is confronted with her inner demon when forced to lose her virginity on school’s sports day.
Directed by Lin Tu

The Rougaroux Still

The Rougaroux (2:10)
Take a midnight drive down a haunted highway to discover a southern werewolf: a rougaroux. Weaving Detroit, New Orleans, and dreamscape imagery, The Rougaroux constructs a fantastically twisted world where reality is in flux and fused with southern myth.
Directed by Ana Vincent (website)

Josephine and the Roach (14:41)
A woman. A cockroach. The course of true love never did crawl smooth.
Directed by Jonathon Langager