CLiKS Interview with Raymond Carr


Consider this the Vidlings & Tapeheads proto-pod…

In December 2018, V&T director Jerry White Jr. recorded some interviews for a podcast called “CLiKS” as a collaboration between Creative Loafing Atlanta and KitSplit. Four shows were recorded before Jerry moved to LA, but only one of the podcasts aired: until now!

CLiKS Episode Two features filmmaker/production designer/puppeteer (and 2018 Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival juror) Raymond Carr. Listen as Jerry and Raymond discuss filmmaking in Atlanta, passion projects like Raymond’s upcoming Joyriders film (currently in preproduction and crowdfunding at Seed & Spark), and much more!

About Joyriders

What would society do if they realized that their most forgotten members have suddenly become their most important? Joyriders depict young underprivileged girls and boys of color in the genre of 80’s/90’s sci fi adventure films. Think ET and Goonies mets The kids from the Wire.

Three rowdy kids from the inner city stumble upon a dying alien who fuses their minds together enabling them to fly its spacecraft. Now, these ghetto astronauts are the keepers of the most important discovery in human history and must decide whether to use their new found consciousness to help the world that’s never cared about them, or escape into the unknown.

Joyriders on Seed & Spark:

Raymond Carr

Raymond Carr has been a filmmaker, theatrical director, designer and Puppeteer for more than fifteen years. His award-winning films have been accepted into Oscar-qualifying film festivals all over the world such as Atlanta Film Festival, San Diego Comic Con, Dragon Con, London Sci-Fi Festival, Slamdance Film Festival and many more. His highly stylized films specialize in the sci-fi/fantasy genres. He has designed, and puppeteered for The Jim Henson Company, Nick Jr’s, Walking with Dinosaurs The Arena Spectacular Tour, various projects for Cartoon Network & Adult Swim, IFC, BBC and Bento Box Entertainment.
instagram: @theninjapuppet
Joyriders on Seed & Spark:


CLiKS is a podcast collaboration between Creative Loafing and KitSplit, focusing on Atlanta filmmakers. |
Hosted by Jerry White Jr.
Edited by Jacob Chisenhall
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