VTFF2018 Opening Night Feature Presentation & Live Music Party

VTFF Kickoff / Man In Camo Premiere • Doors 7:00PM TICKETS $5

This year we’re starting things off a little differently—kicking off the fest with SPECIAL SELECTIONS, including the Michigan Premiere of the feature documentary “Man in Camo,” with director Ethan Minsker in attendance…

MAN IN CAMO banner

Man in Camo (feature) Directed by Ethan Minsker (facebook) Special Selection | Michigan Premiere 8:00 PM 82 minutes

Man in Camo takes a close look at the life of visual artist, writer and filmmaker Ethan Minsker and his drive to create and crusade the making of art. Through the lens of old photographs and films, Minsker leads viewers on a journey through the hurdles that once held him back, from dyslexia to the violence of 1980s Washington D.C. It was these hurdles that forged his love of film and art, and his work now spans across three decades. Man In Camo brings forth not just the love of art, but the reasons for making it in the first place.

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